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Head of Product Design
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Head of Product Design & Manager
Bogdan Goncharenko
credits to @digitalbusiness.kz
Teaching Experience
In 2020, I launched my first educational program, which was completed by around 100 individuals. Many of them secured positions in major companies such as Chulakov Studio, Mish, Wildberries, Sportmaster, Sber, MTS, and others.

In 2021, I organized the "Up to Middle" course at EPAM aimed at employee recruitment. Around 40 people completed the course.

In 2023, I founded spreent Academy.
I’ve been working as a designer since 2010. I’m currently the Head of Product Design at NDA. Previously, I held the position of Lead Experience Designer at EPAM and also led the design direction at SmartLab within Sberbank Kazakhstan. I have worked with FAANG and Fortune 500 companies.
Work Experience
Head of Product Design
at BeInCrypto, Jul 2022 - present time
  • Hired the minimum required number of designers based on the calculated headcount and budget.
  • Adjusted the structure of the design unit.
  • Separated the Graphic Design and Product Design departments from each other.
  • Hired an Art Director for the Graphic Design department.
  • Created a task lifecycle in Jira.
  • Improved communication among designers, the development team, and the Chief Product Officer.
  • Introduced 1-2-1s, PDP, and 360 Feedback processes.
  • Streamlined the handoff process and created a handoff status model for overall work transparency.
  • Introduced and established KPIs for the design department.
  • Described data collection scenarios for the analytics department.
  • Managed to increase profits by 14% through the development of new advertising placements and increasing their attractiveness.
  • Fixed main navigation issues based on analytics and qualitative research.
Lead Experience Designer, Design Manager
at EPAM, Feb 2021 - Jul 2022 · 1 yr 6 mos
  • Worked as a Lead Designer for one of the FAANG companies' products and as a Design Manager for an internal charity product.
  • Established internal communication and interaction processes between a Product Manager, stakeholders, and the development team for a high-capacity cloud migration product.
  • Designed a research methodology for international products.
  • Oversaw the development of design systems.
  • Optimized the processes of task processing, handoff, and design review, which helped reduce the time spent on hypothesis validation and decreased the delivery time from 2.5 months to 2 weeks.
  • Led the design team, initiated the Feedback 360 process, and conducted 1-2-1s.
  • Compiled Personal Development Plans for six designers from a local department.
  • Prepared less senior designers for the Assessment process.
  • Acted as an Assessment expert.
  • Conducted over 150 job interviews.
  • Designed an Up to Middle educational course program, mentored, and taught students.
Lead Product Designer
at Sber, Sep 2018 - Feb 2021 · 2 yrs 6 mos
  • Planned, facilitated, and moderated research activities internally for a bank.
  • Built and improved communication between main stakeholders and clients.
  • Organized work for a team of 10 designers.
  • Set up an internal knowledge and deliverables base.
  • Helped increase the Click-Through Rate for personal banking cards by 4% through the redesign of the information architecture.
  • Increased visitor conversion rate by integrating non-banking services into a single Product Listing Page.
  • Developed interactive decks for B2B.
  • Decreased time on task from 2 minutes to 1 minute and 30 seconds for a bank loan application process.
  • Designed an e-queue service that led to a decrease in the workload of bank operators.
Lead Product Designer
at SmartLab, May 2017 - Sep 2018 · 1 yr 5 mos
  • Redesigned the product for SmartRemont based on research data, increasing the number of sales requests from 17 to 261 per month.
  • Decreased Qolday office time by 73 minutes by introducing and digitizing the e-doc service.
  • Increased request processing speed by 32 seconds for operators at 3beep by testing the omnichannel hypothesis and using the KYC system alongside the KISS framework.
  • Managed 16 designers allocated to different projects.
  • Took part in creating the product strategy for 3beep.
We worked with Bogdan on one outsourcing project focused on online/offline customer journey improvements.

He demonstrated the great skills in customer experience, research, prototyping, design and communications with the client.

With Bogdan support we created the new UX based on research and existing product analysis that significantly improved the key metrics.

And also that was a great experience of cooperation with mature design expert.

Highly recommend!
Senior Product Manager @OLX Group, ex-Yandex, Avito
Senior UX Consultant @Digital of Things, ex-EPAM
Bogdan was assigned as an Associate resource design manager at the company we worked together for. He was accountable for the professional development of several junior and mid-weight UX designers, myself included.

Bogdan has demonstrated excellent managerial skills, with the ability to see strong sides, identify gaps, help to develop missing skills and allocate resources accordingly. Bogdan has taught and mentored less senior designers.

His genuine interest in the discipline is shown through the complete dedication to his job. Apart from his professional competencies, he is pleasant to work with due to his critical thinking and intelligence.
Personal Projects